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Tips and Tricks for Dating Hot Single Eastern European Women

Eastern European women are the stuff of fairytales and are considered some of the most desirable women on the planet. With their pristine looks and irresistible charm, it is easy to see why. 

If you are considering taking your journey of love to Eastern Europe, you need to be prepared. The women there and the dating culture is unlike anything you have experienced. 

To make your life easier, here is a full guide on what to expect when dating East European women and how to make it work. 

What are Eastern European women like?

They are effortlessly beautiful but image-conscious

Eastern European girls are some of the most beautiful women in the world. Their looks range from raven-haired, brown-eyed goddesses to platinum blonde fairies with icy blue eyes. 

They maintain a natural look by following intense beauty and skincare routines that keep them looking ethereal. 

These models, actresses, and other famous personalities from the region can give you a taste of Eastern beauty: 

  • Mila Kunis has Ukrainian roots.
  • Nina Dobrev is a Bulgarian model and actress.
  • Izabella Miko is a Polish actress.
  • Mila Jovovich has Russian and Serbian roots.
Mila Kunis
Mila Kunis

Eastern European girls are very athletic and fit

In addition to having a pretty head on those shoulders, Eastern European girls are also very health-conscious and fit. They love the outdoors and spend a lot of time staying active and living their best lives. 

It is no wonder that the region is home to some of the most successful internationally renowned sportswomen including:

  • Simona Halep – Romanian tennis player
  • Aliya Mustafina – Russian Olympic gold medalist gymnast
  • Ana Ivanovic – Serbian tennis player
  • Saskia Alusalu – Estonian speedskater

They are serious about relationships

Women from East Europe take their relationships very seriously and expect to define the course of it early on. It’s not to tie you down – they want to know where they stand in your life. 

The last thing they want is for you to drag them around without any intention of settling. If you are not looking for anything serious, make sure to get that conversation out of the way as soon as possible. 

Family is important for them

Eastern European belles are very family-oriented. 

They love their own families and stay very close to them even as adults. They are also very into starting families of their own. 

Don’t worry; she won’t begin to pressure you to start a family on your third date. Bear in mind that this is in her sights when it comes to the future of your relationship. 

East European Women are strong and independent

It seems that a European woman these days fits the strong and independent femme fatal mold. 

Women from Eastern Europe are no different! The combination of education and a supportive society has turned them into empowered beings – something that can be very attractive. 

They embrace traditional femininity and female roles

While they are undeniably strong and empowered, they fully embrace their femininity and the conventional European women roles taught by their ancestors. So, don’t be surprised if she insists on cooking and doing chores despite having her own career. 

Don’t take this the wrong way, though. Her decision to hold up her female role is entirely her own. You might get into trouble if you become entitled to it or try to pressure her to be a stay-at-home wife. 

Eastern European girls love to go out but aren’t party animals

Beautiful Eastern Europe Lady

Eastern Europe is an underrated party hub, but the people who live there appreciate it for the wild scene it is. Riga, Budapest, and Prague have some of the best nightlife in Europe.

Eastern European women, too, enjoy a great night out, whether it is with friends or with their partners. 

The good thing is that although they love to have a good time, they do not get too wild or inappropriate. So, you can be sure that when she goes for a girls’ night out with her best friends, nothing terrible will happen.

They are hopeless romantics

Eastern Europe girls have lived all their lives exposed to real-life fairytales given all the monarchs in the region. That, coupled up with their exposure to Hollywood movies, makes them proper hopeless romantics. 

They want it all from the devastatingly cute meeting stories to extravagant displays of affection. If you’re going to get and keep her interested, you will have to step up your game!

They value their virtue and won’t give it up easy

We all agree with how incredibly hot Eastern European women are, and no one will hold it against you for finding them irresistible. 

However, don’t expect them to be “easy.” These girls have been taught from an early age that their value is tied to their virtue. And though not all of them live by this, a lot of them do. 

That means that things like one-night stands or casual friends with benefits setups might not be easy to come by. However, be patient and shower your love interest with love. Soon enough, you will get to enjoy that part of your relationship. 

They have a soft spot for foreign boys

One of the best things about dating girls from Eastern Europe is the fact that they love foreign men. 

In the East part of Europe, it can be an achievement marrying or even dating someone from a different country. You get more points if you are from the West. So do not go in there afraid that you have nothing to offer – your home country alone is enough to get you some interest. 

Why do East European women want to date foreign guys?

As I just mentioned, women from East Europe have a thing for foreigners. That makes finding love in this region easier. But you might be wondering, why do they want to date foreign guys?

Well, don’t panic. The women don’t want you for some weird Nordic ritual or anything. They have genuine reasons for wanting you. 

There are not enough eligible men

 The reason why Eastern European women love dating Western men is that they do not have many promising prospects in their own country. In recent years, men in Eastern Europe have shown a steady decline in academic, professional, and social performances. That’s compared to men in the West as well as to local women. 

Women can seem to meet eligible single men.

The decline in eligible bachelors is mainly due to an increase in alcohol dependence that mainly affects young men. It’s no surprise then that the women in Latvia, Russia, and Ukraine are willing to find love anywhere else to secure their futures. 

Adventure galore

These ladies are also huge adventure buffs. They love to explore and gain new experiences and what better way to do so than by dating a foreigner. They want the experience of traveling back and forth as well as getting to learn about new cultures. 

Fairytale dreams come true

Finally, Eastern Europe women are drawn to foreigners because they feel better treated by them. The men back home, though loyal to a fault, are not the most romantic. The girls want to be swept off their feet, and it seems that no one does it better than foreign guys. 

Which countries to visit to meet hot Eastern European women?

East European women are something special, and you have every reason to want to date them. Here are three East European countries that have the hottest women. 

Czech Republic

Meet Czech Women

Technically, this country straddles the border between Eastern and Central Europe. It is a beautiful place with many natural wonders and historical gems. Czech women are typically blue-eyed blondes with a proclivity for outdoor activities. You are pretty much guaranteed never to have a dull moment in your relationship. Czech women make great girlfriends according to this Czech dating guide on Dating Inspector!


Ukraine is home to the famous Black Sea coastline and some of the most beautiful panoramic mountain views in the area. It is also home to gorgeous, kind, and virtuous belles. If you are looking for a nice feminine Ukrainian woman to settle with, then this is the country for you. 


Russia is a vast and powerful nation, and so are Russian women. They are as sweet as the famous Russian gingerbread cookies but can also be feisty and robust like their vodka. Whatever the case, they are amazing women to have in your life whether as friends, casual flings or long-term lovers. 

Dating tips when dealing with Eastern European women

  1. Be a gentleman in every traditional sense of the word. 
  2. Know your role in the relationship as the man and play it with intent. 
  3. Spoil her like a princess with gifts and grand romantic gestures. 
  4. Be straightforward about your intentions from the very start. 
  5. Make an effort to get to know her family and friends. 
  6. Don’t every stop chasing her or putting in the effort to make her feel special. 


Now you have all the info you need for finding a good woman!

If you are interested in dating an Eastern European womanthen you are in for quite a treat. These women are beautiful, charming, and incredibly fun to be with. You have to be careful where you meet them and how you treat them. With all the above information, you should have all the tips and tricks you need to get your very own Slavic princess. 

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